With their enticing functional design, “the customer” had just established itself in the market. Sales were soaring, and their challenge was to scale up fast, find new sources, keep costs down, and realize a fast time to market. Meanwhile, it was essential to ensure the highest quality. Below is what we were able to do for them.

Phase IScale Up & Stay On Top

Customer Challenge

How to scale up fast, realize the expected high-volume cost saving, whilst keeping production quality and delivery times in check.

Our Approach

Solution - Comprehensive Soucing Strategy


Full analysis of the current production process to identify optimization opportunities


Establish step-by-step production process control to achieve batch quality and stability.


Internal Production and Quality engineers coordinate closely with manufacturers to execute a control plan.


Always prepare new sources as backups.

Our Expertize

Engineering Engineering

Full Technical Analysis

In-house engineers conduct full technical analysis on transfer risks and production feasibility. Special attention is paid to imperial material thickness to metric standards.

Suggest alternate production processes to optimize cost and production yield.

Processes Utilized: CNC Machining | Injection molding | Foam Process | Stamping
Sourcing Sourcing

Line up suitable manufacturers

With our 20 years of experience and a large network of manufacturers in virtually all industries, SPG was able to source the best-fitting manufacturers for “the customer” while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Number of Manufacturers: ~15
Supply Chain Supply Chain

Deliver results

With early communications and precise forecasting, SPG ensured 100% on-time delivery FOB, DDP, and at “the Customer’s” consolidation locations in China.

Fully managed door-to-door FCL / LCL shipments.


delay in time to market
  • Fully aligned supply chain with the customer

Phase 2Design & Cost Engineering

Customer Challenge

How to shorten design lead time to speed up the time required from design to launch.

Our Approach

Solution - Co-Engineering


Material properties and functional analysis.


Identify high-cost features.


Base on Form Fit and Function, suggest alternate production processes.


Compare cost-effectiveness.

Our Expertize

Co-Engineering Co-Engineering

Design optimization

Our engineering team worked together with the customer’s design team at an early stage. We helped to optimize the design by suggesting production processes, standard tolerances, material, and manufacturability.

We optimized the product design phase and greatly improved the time to market by connecting manufacturing and design engineering from the get-go.

Specialized Sourcing Specialized Sourcing

Line up specialized manufacturers

We have experience in developing sources for highly specific alloys or material compositions. This allowed us source some parts with quite specific requirements.

Special Materials: Neodymium magnets | Titanium | 316 Stainless Steel | Hardened Aluminum


  • Significant leadtime improvement from design to launch.
  • Further cost savings on top of initial low-cost sourcing results.

Phase 3Localization Support

Customer Challenge

Develop sales channels in China, whilst protecting the brand against ‘fake’ competition.

Our Approach

Solution - Set up and Run a Dedicated ecommerce channels


Establish Patent and Trademark protection.

Sales Support

Establish direct and indirect online sales channels.

Market Research

Market research and outreach (events) support.

Our Expertize

Legal/HR Support Legal

Local Legal Knowledge and Experience

We supported our customer with all legal requirements from IP protection to Legal liability and options for business registration.

Sales / Marketing Sales/ Marketing

Local Market Knowledge and Network

We executed an initial market research establishing key markets and the most effective channels develop new business. Both traditional sales channels and social media platforms were utilized to maximize sales potential.

Optimized Supply Chain Specialized Sourcing

Optimized Supply Chain - Local for Local

Our internal fulfillment center allows support for local to local deliveries. Whether it’s daily ecommerce sales or bulk distributions. With our infrastructure we were able to support the customer in all supply chain needs.


  • Successfully set up local country e-commerce site.
  • Registration of country specific patents and trademarks.
  • Successfully de-listed counterfeit companies against patent and brand infringements in China.