Phase ICost Saving Initiatives / Discovery / Understand

With each customer we start by realizing bottom-line cost savings. With an in-depth session we want to understand the obstacles and requirements of the customer. Whether it’s a problem that needs to be resolved or simply looking for opportunities in new markets, we are here to help.

We are generally able to offer our customers considerable cost advantages and by understanding the context of the request, we find ways to ensure these cost advantages are enduring and have a real bottom-line effect.

Engineering Engineering

We have an established in-house engineering department that specializes in processes from metal production to plastic injection molding.

Any part that we source is analyzed by our engineering team for production feasibility. Based on this analysis, we establish the most suitable sources to produce the part(s) while maximizing cost-saving potential.

Sourcing Sourcing

SPG has been in business for over 20 years and we have built a strong network of 300+ factories that produce parts from tooling to casting from standard finishing to high-precision requirements.

Due to our long-standing relationships, we have secured a highly reliable sourcing base. Of course, we are always open to find new sources or incorporate customer-nominated suppliers into our system.

Supply Chain Supply Chain

SPG supply chain management ensures that orders are delivered according to schedule; at customer consolidation locations in China, FOB, or DDP anywhere in the world.

We are generally able to solve production issues without impact on delivery, but should this happen, we handle such issues with early and open communication, working together with the customer to reduce impact.

IP Protection IP Protection

Intellectual property theft has always been a major issue in developing countries. With our legal partners and in-house experience dealing with both internal and external patents and trademarks, we have been able to 100% protect our customer’s IP from potential “thieves”.

Phase 2Design & Cost Engineering

In this phase, we see a deepening of the services we can offer to our customers. Based on positive experiences and the growth of trust, we are often able to work more closely together with our customers. The effects of this on product development cycles and supply chain management are often impressive.

Co-Engineering Co-Engineering

For new parts or re-design of existing parts, our engineering team works together with the customer design team at an early stage.

We help optimize the design in terms of standard dimensions, materials, manufacturability and offer alternate process recommendations.

We realize further cost reductions and often with a greatly improved time to market.

Specialized Sourcing Specialized Sourcing

We have experience in developing sources for highly specific alloys or material compositions to support required functionality.

This type of work takes place at the early stages of development and links in 1st and 2nd tier suppliers to the design process. This network approach allows for innovation within your low-cost sourcing strategy.

Optimized Supply Chain Optimized Supply Chain

We work with our customers to create a dedicated supply chain that operates as an extension of the customer’s supply chain management function.

Based on forecasting, we may keep safety stocks and agree on dedicated production capacity with selected manufacturing sources. The aim is to create an optimized supply chain.

Phase 3Localization Support

We offer localization services to a selection of our customers. This goes beyond sourcing services and is mostly initiated by strategic decisions on the customer side.

Legal/HR Support Legal

We support our customers with legal advice and services. We have long-standing relations with specialists in IP protection, business incorporation, to more generic laws and regulations.

Business Consultation HR

We have twenty years of experience in recruitment, onboarding, team management, and payroll. We also put this expertise to use for our customers.

Sales / Marketing Sales / Marketing

For customers that want to establish a commercial presence in China, we bring in local market knowledge. We support customers with market research, sales channel development, and more.

Manufacturing Manufacturing

SPG has its in-house manufacturing facility with ISO 9001 certification. We understand how to set up a factory from scratch and run it successfully.

We help customers set up pilot production lines, low risk, and low investment. Then support to grow toward fully independent run facilities.